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Written by: Wilton and Cleide Pereira da Silva
Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, DF/CCT
R. Aprigio Veloso, 882, B. Universitario
Campina Grande, Paraiba, 58429-900

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Release Date: 01/01/2023
Release Status: Major Update
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Parameter Estimation, Determination of parameters, inverse problem, inverse method, nonlinear regression, ordinary and partial differential equations, optimization software, least squares, Levenberg Marquardt, uncertainty, covariance matrix, experimental dataset, ordinary and partial differential equation (ODE, PDE), curve fitting, transient problem.

LS  Optimizer Software is used to determine parameters of differential equations, or even functions with one or several parameters to be determined, through known experimental data. The user must provide a solver for the differential equation (direct problem), in which the parameters to be determined can be previously established, as well as an experimental dataset. Thus, LS Optimizer, througth the least squares method (Levenberg Marquardt algorithm, inverse problem), uses the user solver and experimental dataset to determine the parameters of the differential equation, including the covariance matrix: uncertainties of the parameters and covariance between them. (More keywords: differential equations, optimization software, least squares, experimental dataset, partial differential equation, functions, curve fitting, direct problem).

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Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP-10
System Requirements:486 DX2, Windows XP, 8 Mb
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