Convective Adsorption - Desorption

Written by: Wilton and Cleide Pereira da Silva
R. Artur Monteiro Viana, 55 Bodocongo
Campina Grande, Paraiba 58109-140 Brazil
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Release Date: 08/30/2008
Release Status: Major Update
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adsorption, soaking, desorption, drying, kinetics, diffusion, diffusivity, Biot's number, convective mass transfer coefficient, thin layer, partial differential equation, infinite slab, infinite cylinder, sphere, finite cylinder, parallelepiped, transport phenomena, water diffusion, optimization, curve fitting, boundary condition of the third kind, Cauchy.

The Convective Adsorption - Desorption software is used to study water diffusion processes (convective boundary condition) with known experimental data, for the following geometries: infinite slab, infinite cylinder, sphere, finite cylinder and parallelepiped. The software makes possible the determination of the diffusivity "D" and the convective mass transfer coefficient "h" through optimization.

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